About the Company

Glamour Bae Cosmetics is a developing online cosmetics company. We aim to give our Glam Squad top tier 100% all-natural luxurious hand-crafted products. Our goal is to have every woman and man feel like she is "HER" and he is "HIM".  From our luscious lips to our skin diamonds, we guarantee you will walk around feeling like a million bucks!

Meet The C.E.O


Hey Beautiful, my name is Me'Yanna, (Me'Yonce), Rothschild. I am 23 years old and reside in Sacramento, CA. I started playing in makeup when I was a junior in high school. As I got older, I noticed my hobby was quickly turning into a passion. I started falling in love with the art of makeup. In 2019, I officially became a beauty advisor working for Estee Lauder. As I was following my dreams, I quickly became addicted to making others feel great about themselves. Glamour Bae Cosmetics is not only a cosmetics company but a glamorous family. We strive for glamour and greatness with our high quality, affordable hand made beauty products. Thank you for being apart of my dreams.